About Us

Nepal Bani Network is a media network having 74 affiliated radio stations covering all of Nepal (all 75 districts). A dedicated team of experts oversee the daily operations of this network ensuring accurate, quality and timely program production and airing. Currently, he network is airing fourteen news bulletins. The Network is centrally operated from Kathmandu and linked with affiliated stations through DTH satellite connection.

The network is currently building towards final phases of becoming the first network with a nationwide coverage and beyond (through our online stream). Beyond working as a network sharing information in real time, Nepal Bani is also empowering local stations effectively manage radio stations and ensure proper documentation and growth. We accord top priority to Business programs and talk shows on economic, political, social and public affairs issues that are directly related to social and national welfare. We also serve local newspapers by dispatching Features service incorporating news, interviews, articles, and other forms of analytical write-ups. In Kathmandu we have an independent radio station that airs every program of the Network; Radio Upatyaka 87.6 MHz covers the network 24 hours with fourteen news bulletins that go on air daily. The Network has provided DTH receiver and dish antenna free of cost to member FM radios who are committed to broadcast our news bulletins and current affairs programs.

Our Goals

Our goal is to contribute to establishing a well-informed society that nurtures democratic culture and respects social diversity. Empowering independent radios through mutual cooperation in the various processes of production and distribution of news and other radio programs, and helping rural radio stations for their sustenance are parts of our broader goals. Standing together, the Network aims to contribute to enhancing public knowledge and the state of social awareness by promoting citizen’s access to information and knowledge. Our entertainment programs seek to promote individual and public creativity as well as recreation of mind in various ways.

Our Strength

Nepal Bani Network has a nationwide coverage, from east to west, and from the plains of Terai to the valleys and hills. As our members display unparalleled integrity in handling responsibilities, we could assure you full compliance to meeting commitments on airing News, Programs and Advertisements in the time and schedule as agreed upon. What’s more, we have a strong facilitation and monitoring mechanism to scrutinize things, both locally and from the centre. We have managed to reduce much of the procedural haggles as we have adopted a single billing system in our dealing. Adoption of DTH satellite to link us to a vast cross section of audience and the quality equipment in the studio are testimonies that we are committed to ensure best performance through the best technology in the radio broadcast sector.

Commercials, Sponsorship

Advertisements, commercials and sponsored programs are important components of radios, as they help their sustenance. We at Nepal Bani Network have our own team of professionals, experts and journalists who collect, verify and produce news bulletins that we air in Kathmandu and provide to member stations across the nation to broadcast. Even as we are in the initial phase, we could give our advertisers and sponsors a reason to boast: we give impressive coverage to your ‘best products’ in the ‘best spots’ reaching to a wider section of audience throughout the nation and abroad.

Advertisers Benefit

Through Nepal Bani Network, our advertisers will have the opportunity to reach out to several parts of the country at once, with Nepal Bani broadcasting news bulletins and programs in Kathmandu from its own station, and its member stations transmitting them across the country. In today’s competitive age, advertising is part and parcel of any successful enterprise. Choosing Nepal Bani for this ultimately means covering a vast area across Nepal, which will definitely give an edge to our advertisers. Advertising through Nepal Bani thus means reaching to a wider cross section of people and making one’s name, brand and service popular amongst the prospective clients or customers. The result is simply obvious: better identity, better volume of business, better profit!

Regional Centres and Online Access

Nepal Bani Network has developed 10 regional centres to facilitate local radio stations to produce news and other programs as well as strengthen their capacity and regulate/monitor their performances.


Nepal Bani carries out regular monitoring and supervision whether the member stations have been broadcasting the news, programs and advertisements provided by the network. The online access to our affiliate stations which we hope to, arrange shortly will also enable any listeners to monitor their broadcasts independently. Thus, Nepal Bani Network would like to assure its clients that the commercials to be aired through member stations are broadcast duly on time without compromise.

Call for Joining Hands

FM radios in Nepal are contributing invaluably for raising social awareness. Even as the world has already embarked upon a new age of information technology, a huge population in our country is dependent on radio for their basic information (NHDS 2011). Radio remains the primary source of information for many, especially those in the smaller towns and rural areas in the country. An aware and educated society is the basis for a prosperous and democratic country and FM radio stations can help achieve this goal. And Nepal Bani comes forth as a new medium to help achieve this goal by effectively disseminating news and information and spreading awareness. Thus it is justifiably good business to associate with our network as we assure best value for money, large coverage and national and global listener’s following. We look forward to your positive response to our proposal and hope to see you on board as lasting partners as we move towards building a well-aware and wellinformed society.

Nepalbani Network Member station

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